Hello, and welcome to The Canuck Pin-up!

My name is Liz Laperle, and as you can probably tell, I love all things pin-up and vintage. Though I have nothing against modern fashion, I love how the pin-up lifestyle emphasizes the beauty of every woman – curves and all – and reminds us of some of the daily elegance and glamour I think we’ve lost over the years. Plus, being curvy myself, I find the clothes and looks common to what we think of as pin-up (the styles from around 1940-1960) are much more flattering than today’s tight-fitting wardrobe. (Don’t get me started on skinny jeans…) 🙂

There is just one problem, though. Most of the clothes, make-up and hair products I’ve seen used to live the pin-up lifestyle are NOT available in Canada!

That just ain’t right. Yet, “necessity is the mother of all invention”. Enter The Canuck Pin-up. This blog is dedicated to living the pin-up lifestyle from a Canadian perspective, and will feature the following:

– Product reviews for pin-up make-up, hair products, hair color, clothing, accessories and resources available in Canada
– Tips for achieving various pin-up looks and even adding a touch of glamour to your décor
– Book and movie reviews highlighting pin-up role models (both on and off the camera)
– Stories of the adventures (and misadventures) of living pin-up in a modern world
– And more!!!

Plus, I really want to hear from you! What do you want to see on this blog? If you know of a great product for living the pin-up lifestyle, and know where to get it (especially for us Canadian beauties), please share it in the comment sections.

Most of all, I want this blog to show that all women are beautiful – inside and out. You are worthy of love, being loved, and being cherished. May this blog make you laugh; make you think; make you see yourself as beautiful as you truly are.

Now go out there and rock your world with a little glamour today!

Always with love,

The Canuck Pin-up

Daytime Pinup Makeup 09.12.2013 007


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