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In partnership with Katie Pahara Photography, here is the link to Part 1 of an exclusive two-part series in preparation for my very first boudoir shoot. Part 1 talks about my experience with Katie for the glamour shots you’ve seen on the blog here and there, and what was going on personally in my life at the time. Part 2 will then feature my thoughts and experiences during and after the boudoir shoot.

I will be honest – this is a story I have struggled to put together into words, and it has been one of the most personal and revealing articles I’ve ever written. But if even one person can be encouraged and helped by it, it will make it all worth it. 🙂


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The Canuck Pin-up


Spin It!


If you love pin-up and vintage, it’s hard not to be a little “animated” at times. I mean, why just dress in all black when there are so many beautiful, flattering colours to wear? Don’t get me wrong—black has its place. 😉 But you throw in there hair scarves, hats, shoes, gloves, purses, and hair flowers in every colour of the rainbow, and you can’t help but become a pop of Technicolor in a dreary world.


So where am I going with this, you ask? Well, as much as my taste in fashion is pretty animated, I’m also an animation buff on the side. From Saturday-morning favorites to intense Anime spectacles, I love the artistry and talent so many people have put into dazzling us with colourful moving stories that excite our senses, tickle our funny bones, and even inspire our hearts. That being said, you can only imagine my excitement when I found out that the final episodes of the series TailSpin have just been released on DVD. 🙂


Set in the fictional port city of Cape Suzette in the late 1930’s, TailSpin was a show that took several characters from Disney’s The Jungle Book, and incorporated them into this new world of high-flying, death-defying adventure ala Indiana Jones and The Rocketeer.  Baloo, the lazy but gifted pilot of the Sea Duck, finds his world turned upside down when his laziness catches up with him, and his plane is sold because of his debts to a bold entrepreneur and single mother named Rebecca Cunningham. Dreaming of earning enough money to buy back the Sea Duck, Baloo agrees to work for Rebecca flying the plane for her delivery service Higher for Hire. Add to that the mysterious appearance of a spunky cloud-skimming orphan named Kit Cloudkicker (and the air pirates who are after him), and you’ve got the makings of one heck of an adventure!

Higher_for_Hire khan-gallery-01

When this show premiered in 1990 and became part of The Disney Afternoon block of cartoons, I was hooked. I liked all the shows, yes, but this one stood out to me. It was much more adult than the likes of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Darkwing Duck, and Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers that aired with it at the time. The show harkened to a world without television (and later the Internet), and where there were still many mysteries to solve and great things to discover. Finding the glorious Wooby Wings in the ancient caves… Stopping air pirates from destroying the city in a barrage of plunder and lightning… It just screamed of the old serials of radio and comic books that birthed the Golden Age as we know it. Plus, it also featured way more gun-fights and action scenes, and the Sea Duck itself became a character to behold as it swerved and dove in some amazing aerial maneuvers. Kinda like how Elsa’s ice magic became a character all to itself in Frozen.

rebecca01 betty%20grable%20vintage%201940s%20pin%20up%20girl%20reverse%20side%20roll

From a pin-up perspective, though it is an animated cartoon about anthropomorphic animals, it is quite a good source for late 30’s fashion and style. Rebecca’s signature coif is definitely reminiscent of the time, and the clothes and examples seen with characters like Kitten Kaboodle ooze old Hollywood glamour. Even the suits worn by characters like Shere Khan and some of the gangsters are pretty accurate too. 😉

Downloaded from Ospreygraphix.com sprucemoose09

The first two volumes of TailSpin were released on DVD way back in 2006 and 2008, so you can imagine my shock when I saw that the final 11 episodes were available for all to see. Took a long time, but well worth the wait. Definitely a set on my wish list for the future, I can tell you that.

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All three volumes of TailSpin are available through Amazon.ca. I have seen the first two in stores like Wal-Mart and Costco, so feel free to check them or other DVD retailers to see if they are available.

Spin it, my friends! Happy flying! 😉

Downloaded from Ospreygraphix.com

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The Canuck Pin-up