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Just when our short-lived summer will seem like a long-lost memory, it seems we’ll be in for a treat. Three awesome pin-up books are set for release in October, and I can’t wait to see them.

9780764346408 9780764346415

On October 1st, get ready to be launched into the heavens with Wings of Angels: A Tribute to the Art of World War II Pinup & Aviation. Produced by the phenomenal Michael Malak, this two-volume collection will include 1940’s style Hollywood photographs in black and white and sepia recreations, as well as full color HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs. If you’re an aviation buff like me, you’ll also love the history and information tucked in about these warbirds and the role they played in World War II, as provided by the Yanks Air Museum in Chino, California. As a bonus, most of the lingerie used in the shots is from Secrets in Lace! And you all know what I think of them, right? 😉

SexyClaire RickRox BookJeep2Main

I’ve been following Michael’s Facebook page chronicling the production of these books, and each picture I’ve seen so far has been stunning. Both volumes are available for pre-order separately on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com. For more information about Michael Malak and the Yanks Air Museum, please visit their websites at http://www.malakphotography.com/ and https://yanksair.com/.


Mid-way through the month on October 16th, another little darling will be coming our way from none other than… Little Darling! Since 2005, Deirdre “Little Darling” Franklin has been helping to spread the word about the unnecessary euthanizing of healthy, happy pitbulls just because of the stereotypes against their breed. Through her organization, Pinups for Pitbulls, she has been using her experiences in modeling to produce amazing pin-up calendars featuring gorgeous models and their pitbull companions, as well as highlighting dogs that desperately need adoption or foster homes through her Facebook page and charity events.


This year, she is releasing a collection of some of the best photos from those calendars in a hardcover book. Along with those fantastic photos, the book will feature some never-before-seen shots, essays and testimonials from former pin-ups and volunteers, a complete history of the breed, tips for new rescue owners, and a homage to the dog who inspired it all—Carla Lou. Sadly, this one is not available on Amazon.ca, but you can pre-order it through Amazon.com, or directly through the organization’s website at http://pinupsforpitbulls.org/. And while you’re at it, you can pre-order the 2015 calendar too. Already got my name on the list. 😉

Do you have a favorite pin-up book or collection? Please send me a comment and I would love to share it with everyone.


Always with love,


The Canuck Pin-up

*Photo notes: Photographer – Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography; Hair and Make-up – Katt Panic Makeup Artistry; Dress – Laura Canada.


Pin-up My Life: Punch Studio


Stuff. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. It’s everywhere we turn, and every day in North America, we’re bombarded with this drive and need to acquire more it. Don’t get me wrong—I like my stuff. But I feel like the Norwegian ideals of having just what you need, enjoying what you have, and treasuring experiences more than things more and more appealing. And hey, I’m part Norwegian too. Any chance to embrace my heritage, right?

House of the Future 2008-02-14_081130-TreeHugger-frigidaire

Anyway, as I said, I like my stuff, but I don’t want to see it every day. And yes, they have their places, but I am NOT a fan of having giant plastic or metal tubs littering my house! We don’t live in Tomorrowland yet, you know. 😉


As I thought about how I wanted to solve my storage dilemma, my mind kept going back to those old cases and boxes our grandmothers had. You know the ones I’m talking about: those old trunks and suitcases with the locale stickers plastered on them? Or those round hatboxes that screamed haute couture? Yeah… try finding those easily in today’s modern world. Fortunately for us vintage and pin-up fans, there is a solution out there that can help bring that glamour and nostalgia back into our homes.

 050 052 039

Made by Punch Studio, these awesome cases and boxes come in an endless array of patterns and colours for you to choose from. They are easy to clean before storing, and much to my surprise, are actually quite inexpensive. I even got the Paris case for ½ price at $15 CAN. Bonus!

042 138 040

As you can see, these cases are quite a good size, and allow you to store either lots of little things, or a few bigger items. These ones are 12 inches x 18 inches, but you can get smaller ones if you like. Even the hatbox is impressive. I can store every one of those hats you see before you, and some scarves too. Though there are ones that don’t seal shut, I prefer ones like these with the metal clasps that close more firmly, and have a more nostalgic feel to them. And noooo, I’m not going to show you what I store in these suitcases. That’s my secret. But I assure you that these things can hold a lot of stuff. 😉

  slide1 slide3 slide4 slide6 slide12

And you know what the best part is? Punch Studio doesn’t make just these cases. Their extensive collections feature journals, stationary, holiday wrapping, office folders and storage, fancy toilet paper holders, and more! There are also kid-friendly options that are bound to make any princess squeal with delight.


Punch Studio products are available at Michaels stores in Canada, and through Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble online. For more information about what they have to offer, please check out their website at http://punchstudio.com/index.html.


Always with love,


The Canuck Pin-up

*Photo notes: Photographer – Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography; Hair and Make-up – Katt Panic Makeup Artistry; Dress – Hell Bunny.

Make-up Mondays: eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream


Yay! It’s Make-Up Monday! Boy, it’s been a while since I had one of these on the blog. To keep things interesting, I thought I’d review something a little different today. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, so it only makes sense to think about ALL of it—not just what’s on our faces.

Flip through various pin-up photos and paintings, and you know what you’re going to see? Lots of LEGS. But there’s a reason for that. Back in the day, codes governing the entertainment and publishing industries prevented the showing of certain body parts. The legs, however, were an exception, and pin-up artists and photographers definitely took advantage of that detail.

Elvgren 014 Elvgren 035

Though I think that way too much skin is showing nowadays in mainstream media, legs are a functional and beautiful part of human anatomy. Whether they are capped off with flats, wedges, heels, sandals, or nothing at all, there is nothing like feeling a warm summer breeze on those gorgeous stalks. However, if you’re like me, the daily battle against the pricklies can feel like a never-ending chore in our already too-long to-do lists. Plus, with so many options for hair removal now, it can feel overwhelming.

A few months ago, I stumbled onto a new product in the hair removal section of Wal-Mart and I thought I’d test it out for you all: eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream. If that name rings a bell, they’re the makers of those ball-shaped lip balms showing up everywhere nowadays—or what I like to affectionately call, “The Egg”.

 Image_1_Pomegranate_Raspberry_with_Razor_rev_17 Image_1_Sweet_Mint_Open_rev_35

I picked the Pomegranate Raspberry one because I’m a sucker for fruity scents. The first thing I noticed was the packaging on these containers. The tube is made of plastic instead of the traditional labeled metal, and as you can see, there are two sets of “dimples” or “grips” on the front and back. While most cans of shave cream are slippery when wet, this can isn’t, and the dimples allow you to get a good grip on it while in the shower or bath. Plus, the positioning and shape of the dimples allows you to grab it with either your left hand or your right—very ingenious indeed. 🙂

eos Shave Cream 003 eos Shave Cream 004

Now to the product itself. The packaging says it is made with natural shea butter, aloe, and conditioning oils, allowing you to shave wet or dry. This was a major draw for me, ‘cause who has time to sit and wait for skin to moisten up in the bath when you’re already rushing to get to work? Or your kids are screaming for your attention outside the bathroom door?

I found I needed about one or two pumps for the lower part of my legs and my knees, and boy, this stuff is THICK. It spread more like a moisturizer once it hit the skin, but I found I could shave right away instead of having to soak in hot water for a while. My skin felt soft after where I had used it, and the scent was a pleasant but not overly intense fruity cocktail that added to the whole experience.

Shaving and Coin Kung Fu 002 Shaving and Coin Kung Fu 001

On the other side, there were some drawbacks to this product. As I got to the bottom of the tube, the thicker nature of the cream made it harder to pump compared to foam or gel creams. It was almost impossible to get that last bit out without cutting the tube apart. I also found I had to rinse my razor more often between swipes because the product was clogging the blades faster. Sadly, this shave is more expensive than other options out there, and since it’s thicker, you end up using it up a lot faster than with a more liquid formula.

Would I buy this product again? Probably not. I certainly enjoyed the softness and the smart innovations eos put into it, but I don’t think it gave me any more moisture than something cheaper or more liquid. If you want my advice, save your money and just use some of the hair conditioner you’re already using. Double knockout there!

Image_1_Sensitive_Skin_with_Razor_rev_17 Image_1_Lavender_Jasmine_with_Razor_rev_17 Image_1_Vanilla_Bliss_with_Razor_rev_17

eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream is available in Pomegranate Raspberry, Sensitive Fragrance  Free, Lavender Jasmine, and Vanilla Bliss. You can find it in Wal-Mart, Sobeys, and other stores across Canada where shaving products are sold. For more information about this and other products by eos, please check out their website at http://evolutionofsmooth.ca/.


Always with love,


The Canuck Pin-up

*Top and bottom photos: Photographer – Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography; White star shoes – T.U.K. Shoes/Drunken Sailor; Green Micheline Dress – Pinup Girl Clothing